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Luna White

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Luna White - F 1/2 is made to order and will ship as soon as it is has been crafted.

Embrace the celestial beauty of love with Luna, a captivating chevron wedding band that shines with timeless elegance.

This exquisite ring features a mesmerising chevron design, its delicate lines flowing seamlessly into a band of sparkling moissanite pavé. The stones, meticulously hand-set in 18k rose, yellow, white gold, or platinum, create a dazzling dance of light that reflects the brilliance of your love. The chevron pattern, reminiscent of the moon's crescent, adds a touch of celestial charm and romance, making Luna the perfect symbol of your everlasting commitment.

More than just a ring, Luna is a reminder of the magic that unfolds when two souls align, like the moon and the stars, forever bound in love's embrace.