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Emily White

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Emily White - F 1/2 is made to order and will ship as soon as it is has been crafted.

Introducing the Emily Wedding Band – a sparkling accent for your everlasting love.

The Emily wedding band is a delicate yet captivating addition to your love story. Adorned with a total of 0.30 carats diamond equivalent weight of Everspark moissanite, this exquisite band features ten shimmering 2.0mm stones that gracefully catch the light, adding a touch of radiance to your finger.

Designed to offer a sparkle that beautifully enhances your everyday moments, the stones are strategically placed to ensure they glisten beautifully.

Choose from a selection of luxurious metals, including 18k gold in enchanting rose, timeless yellow, or classic white, as well as the enduring splendour of platinum. The Emily wedding band complements your style and adds a touch of elegance to your enduring commitment.

Embrace the timeless allure of the Emily wedding band, a symbol of your everlasting love and devotion.